New position: Week 1

 This entry is about orientation of new staff, etc.   The moral of this story: it is really important to ask all the questions, have a contract, and don’t do a thing, don’t commit to anything until you meet with Human Resources, which should happen on your first morning, if not before you start.  And, if you are a manager or supervisor, please spend your first week telling your staff (or providing them with) your history, their rights, their challenges, commonly used acronyms, an organization chart, a list of necessary phone numbers and email addresses, how to use the phone and the computer, the politics, not to mention introducing them to other staff, providing them with a CLEAN equipped working environment, and a vase of fresh flowers.

 I have had a week from hell. First week in my new position. The incompetence and the accusatory style of communication amazes me. The worst I have experienced in my 39 year career. I still don’t know what my salary is, don’t know benefits, don’t know about my 1 yr contract. Will find out at 3 on Halloween. Bad omen? Good omen? I SHOULD NEVER HAVE STARTED without knowing salary. Why can’t anyone tell me? Well, if it is not livable, I will just have to decide not to sign the contract and walk out the door. 

And on the way to work on Tuesday, I could not avoid some metal debris on the freeway (typical highway shlocky maintenance where I live) and blew out 2 tires and bent a rim. For almost $1000. Didn’t report to insurance cuz my deductible in 1k. So I hear “you were late!”. Yah; well I am alive! Went out to my car for 5 minutes one day to change my contact lens and was told “you never came back”. What!?  And the week before I even started I was asked by my “mentor” how I planned to allocate my time between my job sites.  What? I didn’t even know what sites I would have assigned to me. Most staff have 1 or 2 sites. And I already get the picture. They “drive” between their sites, presenting the fiction they are working when indeed they are not. I was given 17 sites! I will spend 2 days a week at an ethnic academy. Was told they are hard to work with. Nice intro, huh? But I find them VERY pleasant. Cuz I am not naive. I have been around the block a few times. I think THAT site will work out fine, if I ever get paid.

Are you expected to use your personal cell phone and not be reimbursed for mileage? I will just keep my cell phone off. Why should I pay for this service for them?

Take care of you, because often your employer will not….

No Health Insurance

Thankfully the democratic party candidates are in tune with the fact that we have 47 million Americans without health insurance, sometimes due to job elimination, like myself. And health insurance is not affordable without assistance from an employer, except for the very wealthy, and those that have spouses and domestic partners whose insurance they can tag on to.

And why is health insurance beyond our reach? Obviously, the insurance industry wants profits by driving up rates. And I believe that the pharmaceutical companies are creating diagnoses, and recommending drugs, that we all “need! “Just ask your provider,” whoever that is…

And who are two strong lobbies: the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical companies? And who is helping to finance most of the presidential aspirants?

What on earth is a “nervous breakdown”? why can’t people sleep at night? what is “restless leg syndrome”? Where did this stuff all come from? We should all be taking 21 drugs each day? Oh, and you need a stool softener, and laxative for breakfast that may make you “regular”. And a daily decongestant, whereas just being in a vertical position and blowing your nose in the morning may work just fine. Why? Why not choose a healthy lifestyle instead?

Why not jog or walk your dog (you would both benefit), stretch, swim, eat properly i.e. a diet rich in fruits, veggies, grains? Try to avoid anything but the essential drugs that you really need to stay alive.

All of these drugs, too many drugs, interact with each other, and can kill you. Less is better.