The wheel goes round and round

It goes round and round.

Just got a message from a dr’s office (spinal pain). Not willing to see me; “nothing more to offer me” how does he know? Hasn’t seen me for over a year! WHAT? That means he doesn’t want to do charity care. His office bills independently. Nice. I just wanted a damn consult about pain and budding incontinence. And the muscle relaxants he prescribed are outdated. He can’t even do that? Oh I get it. He came to this country to get rich. I forgot. So if I can’t pay 5k out of pocket, why should he bother seeing me? So I left another message for his scheduler. I will run her ragged. Who cares? I just want a damn consult, paid for thank you, by charity care for which I was approved till june of 08. His message was for me to see my usual provider. Well, thank you, fool, but my PA at the cheap clinic is not a spine pain specialist, and referred me to YOU. And I have no insurance. So I get no help anywhere?

Not sure what to do next. I am my own patient now…after all these years of advocating for others, no one advocates for me. screwed. I am really angry.

I have been a health professional, an advocate, for nearly 40 years. And now I find myself living like a health care indigent. NO INSURANCE AND NO WORK after being laid off twice in the last 7 years. So the clinic admin person just called. She will talk to the doc again. yah sure. We shall see.

Finding Work; Declining Work

My premise is that there is less expected of health care professionals today. Is it just in this state, that I moved to 3 years ago? I think not. Professional positions that not long ago required at least a bachelors degree, if not a masters, now require an associate degree, or any educational level that provides the person with some very basic education and the employer can pay a LOT LESS in salary.

I see this trend not just in my profession, but in many, many professions. Yet we are told  that our economy is strong and there are lots of jobs! Sure, for slightly more than minimum wage, very limited or no benefits, and no job security. More and more I see contracts for a limited time vs. the days of longevity meaning you can invest in a retirement plan and your position is relatively secure. I live in an “at will” state which means you sign a paper,  a contract, which states that you can be terminated, at any time, without notice, with no warning and no reason given. On the other hand, you, the employee, have the same privilege. And I have exercised this right twice this year. Why?

 Now employers are looking for “technicians” or “specialists” which in health “professions”  in this state, means a student, or an entry level worker,  who wants to earn a few dollars, with no higher goals, ambitions for professional growth.

 In support of my observations, I must say that I have found that the attitudes of those doing the hiring and firing has become very vindictive and demeaning. Perhaps because the ones “in charge” who have been promoted to the role of supervisor or manager are not qualified, educated, nor experienced for their role. Their communication skills seem to be nonexistent. ?the old “peter principle” at work again?

Veterinary Medicine?

I have often talked about the misuse of drugs in health care. That is, prescribing drugs we don’t need, thanks to the pharmaceutical industry “training” our health care providers. But only recently have I observed this to also be inherent in veterinary medicine. Maybe I need to find a new veterinarian?!

 I took my dog, a 10yo Tibetan Terrier, to the vet on Tuesday because she was having some diarrhea. So what did I come home with?

  • cephalexin capsules for her itchy belly
  • bordatella vaccine (for potential kennel cough, which she has never had)
  • a fecal test for ova and parasites (just in case that was the cause of the loose poop) just got a call; test normal!
  • panacur (to add to her food to kill parasites that she MAY have had; and MAY NOT have had) obviously she didn’t.
  • 8 cans of low fat food
  • a creamy conditioner to rub on her belly to take away the itching. I believe that meditation and talking to her would have worked just as well.
  • a topical spray when the itching gets crazy. She hates it. Smells and tastes like ethanol.
  • a special order for the new drug that is being pushed for allergies: atopica. I have decided that I would rather deal with the allergies in a naturopathic way.
  • biohazard fee. For what? recycling the   syringe used for the nasal inhalant bordatella vaccine?

The bill: $258.91. And I have decided not to give Sara most of this stuff. I am very sorry that I was in a naive mood and bought this junk. I was being stupid and forgetting my same anger toward the human medical industry. I need to find a naturopathic veterinarian.