Yay! For dental schools…

Having been unemployed for over a year, I have no medical or dental insurance. Pretty scary, as Barack knows. So I decided to go to my local dental college. It was pretty amazing. All the recommendations made by my local money mongering dentist were nixed by the student and her professors who are in the business of good service and care, not retiring next year with a fat income.

Having been a health professional student myself, years ago, I admire the interest in learning, interest in providing optimal care, integrity, not to mention learning how to navigate the halls of academia, without getting lost, before you graduate.

And all at reasonable cost. Takes more time, but it is worth every minute and every penny.

another failed job interview

About 3 months ago I applied for a position with a 3 month asthma research project. I stayed in touch, looking forward to an interview. They wanted to interview me yesterday. Only yesterday. Well too bad, I had plans that I could not cancel or change. So, how nice. They would interview me today at 10, by phone. Guess what? No call. No call of apology. They offered the position to someone else at the end of the day yesterday. Would you really want to work for that place? This is how they treat their applicants? That was as bad as the realtors who need me and my dog to get out of my house, then they never show up. Doesn’t make you feel good about people. Stay positive. Can’t live without it!

Incompetence in school health

Just read an aricle in my local newspaper. (yes; some of us still like to have that rag in our hands!)  my sons (now adults) and I moved to this city from Berkeley nearly 4 years ago. I can’t say the schools are any worse here. They were very “politically correct” to a fault there. But I did do a  9 day stint as a school nurse last fall, with the schools in this city. My application took months to process, to the tune of about $200. I was so disenchanted by the poor, no, incompetent communication within the school health staff. There are apparently 99 schools in

this city, with 67 school nurses. Then why was I assigned to 17 schools, all over the city, at all educational levels? I liked my schools but the incompetence of the program appalled me. I cannot work for people that I do not respect.