Here we go again; more drugs

i was dismayed to read and see all the news about blood pressure and cholestrol reducing drugs this week. i really  believe that my previous internist received her md by watching the drug ads on television.

i refuse to take more than one little pill for my borderline hypertesnsion. and i refuse to have my cholestrol level ever tested again.

 today’s local paper was (first section: the real news!) filled with articles about how great these drugs are. oh sure; maybe high blood pressure drugs can curb heart attacks and strokes if you take a bunch of them every day. but what do they do to your GI system? and that short newspaper section had no less than one full page devoted to a pharmacy that could get you all of your drugs, with a reduced price for generics. AND one drug company, advertising their cholsestrol reducing drug had a two full page ad!!!

 i refuse to have my cholestrol level measured ever again. with my low fat diet and walking my dog four times a day, i am not going to worry about little numbers going up and down. and i refuse to take drugs that maybe i need and maybe i don’t.

 here’s to your health. take charge.