About a month ago I was diagnosed with severe anemia. I had to have a transfusion of red blood cells. I will probably have to go through this again in about six weeks. Hmm… I wonder what donors red blood cells are floating around in my veins. One of the side effects of this condition that really stresses me is hair loss and breakage. I have always had long hair. Suddenly, it comes out by the brushfull every day. I’m finding it really hard to change my self identity.

My hematologist says that he is seeing more of this condition in people my age (62). He thinks it is due to exposure over a lifetime of environmental toxins. This is not surprising since I grew up just outside of Detroit with polluted air from the auto industry. I hope the government does not bail out the American auto industry. Another possibility is a dietary cause, which is not surprising since I am returning back to a more vegetarian diet, and forgot how to do this. I was a vegetarian for years until my pregnancy and breast feeding days.

Extra Toe

Veterinary medicine also fits into Health Chaos. My dog has grown an extra toe with a nail on it. I ignored it until she started licking it and biting it. So now I have to take her to the veterinarian tomorrow. What kind of an anomaly is this? She is by far one of the healthiest dogs I have ever had, except for this anomaly on her right front paw. Has anyone out there ever heard about this? Could you give me some advice? One of my son’s said “If I could grow an extra finger, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about using a knife”.

What is an RN? Really Nothing.

What is an RN? Really Nothing.

Yesterday I had a call from an old friend who was disappointed that her nephew’s wife dropped out of nursing school. I think it was the best decision she could have made. Health care in this country is in such chaos right now; no funding for anything meaningful. I was looking at the ads in the Sunday paper today. I find it interesting that they all say “RN or LPN or CNA”. So they are interchangeable now? One of my reasons for being unemployed is that people see my resume and laugh. I have a bachelors and two masters from three of the best universities in the country. Nobody wants somebody like me anymore. They want technicians, not people who think and are creative and innovative. So I guess I have to keep looking for work at grocery stores and flower shops to supplement my social security checks. As you know, there is no work out there.