fat foods

every grocery store, it seems, sells food for those watching their weight, with the implication that shoppers want and need low cal foods. but what about some of us poor souls, and bodies, wandering the earth who need to GAIN WEIGHT? where do we buy high cal foods anymore? well maybe only soda shops.

just suppose we wanted to open a franchise in a large grocery store: an aisle, a counter where the old fashioned high cal foods are sold? would we be able to do so? half in jest i asked a grocer where i usually shop. his response was “who do you think would shop that aisle, that counter? folks wanting all the tasty cals they could get!”


any comments or advice?

Health Care Research Studies

Today┬áI received a questionairrre, inviting me to participate in a women’s health care reseach project at a local medical cancer care facility. So to whom was this sent? From whom was it received? Was this considered in looking at the validity and reliablility of the study? And as usual, when a questionairre is sent out, it often states that one can “check here if you would like a copy of the results sent to you”. But they never are.