Trying to live on Social Security

This is a message I was hoping not to write to the company that monitors my IRA. But alas…
I was trying to live for a month on SS (social security) alone. I made it half way through the month: no frills, no fun money, just the rent, utilities, simple food, dog food (for my dog), medications ( two). The only real fun: Netflix, because I can’t read all the time! And one book (maybe I could read more slowly). And I just found out today that medicare, when I am soon eligible, is deducted from my SS check! And I am looking for work, and I just applied for part time work (there isn’t much part time work in my profession) and retirement can be boring. But a salary get deducted from my SS check! I could have fought, at divorce, to receive part of my husband’s money, but I didn’t, feeling it was dishonorable. But that’s what women generally do…I am told.

So I need 1k with tax deducted, from that, to supplement my SS check. I will try to stretch it for 2 months. We’ll see. I don’t want to take out more than I really need to, at one time. And I need to look for a specialized tax agent come the new year, so that I ensure all deductions that are due me are given consideration.

so that’s how it is to live on Social Security!

To your health! Screening Tests

Awhile back, in March of 2010, NPR reported about the “Prostate Test: Lifesaver or Big Mistake?” I sent an email to my sons telling them that they should be aware of this, since testing, I assume and hope, will eventually be recommended to them, and to all men…
…like with breast and cervical cancer screening for women….The important aspect to remember is that screening is just that: screening. It is NOT DIAGNOSIS. It means RISK, not disease (like I repeatedly said in my previous work in newborn screening for genetic diseases).
Screening may need follow up. Please do follow through.

If you can’t afford them, ask the provider if they are available at reduced rate, or for free. Or call you local health department.

Take advantage of all screening tests that are available to you. That’s the bottom line!