Here we go again; more drugs

i was dismayed to read and see all the news about blood pressure and cholestrol reducing drugs this week. i really  believe that my previous internist received her md by watching the drug ads on television.

i refuse to take more than one little pill for my borderline hypertesnsion. and i refuse to have my cholestrol level ever tested again.

 today’s local paper was (first section: the real news!) filled with articles about how great these drugs are. oh sure; maybe high blood pressure drugs can curb heart attacks and strokes if you take a bunch of them every day. but what do they do to your GI system? and that short newspaper section had no less than one full page devoted to a pharmacy that could get you all of your drugs, with a reduced price for generics. AND one drug company, advertising their cholsestrol reducing drug had a two full page ad!!!

 i refuse to have my cholestrol level measured ever again. with my low fat diet and walking my dog four times a day, i am not going to worry about little numbers going up and down. and i refuse to take drugs that maybe i need and maybe i don’t.

 here’s to your health. take charge.

3 thoughts on “Here we go again; more drugs”

  1. I’m with you on the cholesterol testing. There is a lot of controversy about whether cholesterol is all that harmful, and recent studies have shown that taking statin drugs does not reduce the incidence of heart attacks and stroke. Taking the natural Red Yeast Rice will reduce cholesterol without the side effects.

    Have you noticed how the so-called normal levels of cholesterol, blood pressure and blood glucose are constantly being reduced to make more of us patients who have to take expensive prescription drugs to stay healthy. Doing this certainly adds to big Pharma’s already over-filled coffers.

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