Just ask your prescriber…

I have often said that I felt my internist received her medical education from watching drug ads on television. Just take this drug and that drug…

I was shocked this morning, to hear a drug ad for a sleep medication, and the commercial asked you to talk to your “prescriber”. What is a “prescriber”? So we don’t even need physicians anymore, do we? Just prescribers. What are their credentials? Who are they?

For complex medical problems, we do have specialists. But what about the average person who has minor aging conditions, and doesn’t need a simple pill, but some sound advice? Like diet and exercise and lifestyle changes? Where do they go for assistance?

One thought on “Just ask your prescriber…”

  1. For a while I have had the feeling that doc’s got rewarded for perscribing certain drugs. There seems to be some contest for drugs like Nexeum. I thought it was just my imagination then a friend of mine who is a medical transcriber said that my suspicions are correct. They get kick backs and trips for perscribing certain drugs. Disturbing. When I go to the doc I feel like I’m in a scary documentary. Healthcare in US is a mixed bag. I was missed diagnosed for years and given drugs for lymes disease, alergies, sleep disturbance, asthma, fibromyalgia, depression, had my uterus and galbladder out and was fitted for a sleep apena machine. All along I was intolerant of gluten and it took about $125 dollars at a NaturaPath office to figure it out. We are screwed if we listen to most docs because they are now just educated by the Pharma companies who have everything to gain by medicating the hell out of us. Want to get really freaked out check out Codex Alimentarious! A arm of the UN I had not heard of until recently.

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