moms and cell phones

It is well known among child development specialists that “en face” contact and communication is very important for bonding between mother and baby. But it seems like the ever present cell phone is more compelling than a mother’s new baby, sometimes. I find it annoying to say the least when i see moms out for a walk with their new babies, mom’s face turned to the back of the baby’s head, while mom talks on her cell phone. Could these conversation be more important than talking to a young child who craves contact, hearing a mom’s voice, learning his or her earliest sounds and words and songs?

I want to just scream at these mothers “is that call really so important?” I honestly doubt that it is. Sure, I may be over-reacting. Maybe a new baby is not as exciting as it was in the 1980s when some of us “aging moms” who postponed having children for our careers were so enamored by this great event that we had waited for? We were the “supermoms” or tried to be. And there were no cell phones so i can’t do a study to compare…

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