No More Colds

Did you ever wonder how to be rid of the common cold? Try my painless, medication-free, remedy.

When I was in my first semester of college, back in 1964, I had a cold which really interupted my studies. I realized I could not go on for 4 years blowing my nose and missing classes! So I meditated, which I am not accustomed to doing. My mantra was that “I would not have another cold; that I had no time in my life for colds anymore!”

It worked, and I have not had a cold since. Another factor that I attribute this to is that, despite being a health professional (and should maybe know better?) i have never been obcessed with germs. I can’t stand the feel of slimy hand sanitizers. And I ofter rinse and rub my hands without scrubbing with soap. So I collect a few germs on my body, in my body, keeping up my immunity.

I am meticulous about cleanliness, just not obcessed with soap and sanitizers.

Despite recommendation for my age group, I have never gotten a “flu injection” nor the flu. Does my “karma” work here too?

If you decide to try this, I wish you the best. Let me know how it goes…

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