fat foods

every grocery store, it seems, sells food for those watching their weight, with the implication that shoppers want and need low cal foods. but what about some of us poor souls, and bodies, wandering the earth who need to GAIN WEIGHT? where do we buy high cal foods anymore? well maybe only soda shops.

just suppose we wanted to open a franchise in a large grocery store: an aisle, a counter where the old fashioned high cal foods are sold? would we be able to do so? half in jest i asked a grocer where i usually shop. his response was “who do you think would shop that aisle, that counter? folks wanting all the tasty cals they could get!”


any comments or advice?

Health Care Research Studies

Today I received a questionairrre, inviting me to participate in a women’s health care reseach project at a local medical cancer care facility. So to whom was this sent? From whom was it received? Was this considered in looking at the validity and reliablility of the study? And as usual, when a questionairre is sent out, it often states that one can “check here if you would like a copy of the results sent to you”. But they never are.

health care insurance?

being unemployed and not yet 65, how does one pay for health care? AARP just informed me that at their coverage for me had been “used up”. and the basic health plan (charity care) in the state in which i live also informed me that i have used my allotted $1500 and would be placed back on the “waiting list” for further health care coverage. who knows where or when? this state, like i am sure others have done, have cut back on any and all funding for health care. now what? i am trying to beg the social worker in my orthopedics office for one last  “free” appt to check on the fractures of my femur and pelvis.

the victim, the guinea pig caught in a web

4 months ago i moved to a new community, and now cannot wait to leave. not my idea of where to live. nevertheless, i have had to find a new provider for health care. he is drug happy and referral happy. so now i have been seen by a hemotologist to correct a mild anemia (with diet) and a orthopedist (have a fractured  femur  and pelvic bone, thanks to a fall in my own house! ) to be corrected by use of the leg and prn pain pills. at any rate, be careful not to get caught in the web of health care that you may never really and truly need. for an expense…see next post.

an emergency ? experience…

yesterday i went to an urgent care clinic since i was having a 3 day bout of severe nausea and vomiting. i was seen by 2 hysterical women (yes; i am a woman too) who said i needed to be seen immediately in the e.r., have a red blood cell transusion, and be admitted to the hospital. they had made all the phone calls to arrange this. well, as i knew, the e.r. doc was the only rationale person i met in this experience. he gave me an iv of zofran (an anti nausea drug) and 200cc of normal saline. i was back to normal. same old self. admit to hospital for a transfusion? crazy making. by the way, the 2 hysterical women were a physician’s assistant and an md.

yes, i do have anemia. not an emergency. and yes today i saw my hem/onc specialist who is monitoring my anemia. he didn’t want to hear about the crazy ladies. he simply scheduled me for another transfusion in a week, as had already been planned. (docs protect each other, no matter how wrong they are) a dangerous practice.

by the way, the hem/onc specialist says he is seeing more people my age with anemia. the kind that in which bone marrow is no longer making enough red blood cells. it is his theory that this is due to environmental toxins that we were exposed to in our childhood, and possible caused a change in a chromosome. treatment? red blood cell transusions, from some wonderful donor.

Family Health and Military Deployment

My son was deployed to Iraq on Mother’s Day. My gift from him was a box of expensive chocolates and a big bottle of vitamins! His last words to me were “don’t cry!”. Hopefully, as a Green Beret and a combat medic he will be okay. But I can see the toll it is taking on his wife and 3 year old son. Stressed to the limit. By finances. By lots of responsibilities on a mom who is working, going to school, taking care of a child, a home, a dog, a yard.

I talked to a young neighbor the other day whose boyfriend just returned from 2 deployments. Came back with stress disorder and addictions. And now she needs to find help, not only for him, but for herself.

I sure would like to help with this effort of “helping”.  Though I applied for work with the local VA and local military fort that was theoretically recruiting, have not heard back. Despite my great education and experience, I don’t have the “connections”. I haven’t lived in this state long enough to build connections.

The weather here doesn’t help morale. This is the Pacific Northwest.  Why am I here? to be close to my daughter in law and little grandson and try to be supportive. We all want to migrate back to CA when we can. Only wildlife should live here where the sun never shines, it is always cold,  the days are short, and it rains, and everyone needs to supplement their diets with vitamin D.

lost your work and insurance?

i have some ideas to share. things that i have had to figure out.

  • reconstiting contact lenes. oh sure, the manufactures say throw them out every few days. guess why? i have found that when i accidently lose a lens, and find it, i put it in solution for a day and it is reconstuted. can’t afford to keep buying these…
  • can’t afford your rx meds? first check around with drug and grocery stores and ask them their prices for a specific medication. also call or email or write to the manufacturer. some are willing to give you a free or reduced suppy for a few months.
  • need to see a health care provider? ask your state for what options are available for reduced cost care, or supplementing your contribution.
  • last but not least, if you need an expensive procedure like i just had, don’t be above asking the provider if “charity care” is available. do not be humiliated. you have paid your dues to our society.
  • lastly, for now anyway, network with people, friends in the same situation for ideas.


About a month ago I was diagnosed with severe anemia. I had to have a transfusion of red blood cells. I will probably have to go through this again in about six weeks. Hmm… I wonder what donors red blood cells are floating around in my veins. One of the side effects of this condition that really stresses me is hair loss and breakage. I have always had long hair. Suddenly, it comes out by the brushfull every day. I’m finding it really hard to change my self identity.

My hematologist says that he is seeing more of this condition in people my age (62). He thinks it is due to exposure over a lifetime of environmental toxins. This is not surprising since I grew up just outside of Detroit with polluted air from the auto industry. I hope the government does not bail out the American auto industry. Another possibility is a dietary cause, which is not surprising since I am returning back to a more vegetarian diet, and forgot how to do this. I was a vegetarian for years until my pregnancy and breast feeding days.

Extra Toe

Veterinary medicine also fits into Health Chaos. My dog has grown an extra toe with a nail on it. I ignored it until she started licking it and biting it. So now I have to take her to the veterinarian tomorrow. What kind of an anomaly is this? She is by far one of the healthiest dogs I have ever had, except for this anomaly on her right front paw. Has anyone out there ever heard about this? Could you give me some advice? One of my son’s said “If I could grow an extra finger, I wouldn’t have to worry so much about using a knife”.

What is an RN? Really Nothing.

What is an RN? Really Nothing.

Yesterday I had a call from an old friend who was disappointed that her nephew’s wife dropped out of nursing school. I think it was the best decision she could have made. Health care in this country is in such chaos right now; no funding for anything meaningful. I was looking at the ads in the Sunday paper today. I find it interesting that they all say “RN or LPN or CNA”. So they are interchangeable now? One of my reasons for being unemployed is that people see my resume and laugh. I have a bachelors and two masters from three of the best universities in the country. Nobody wants somebody like me anymore. They want technicians, not people who think and are creative and innovative. So I guess I have to keep looking for work at grocery stores and flower shops to supplement my social security checks. As you know, there is no work out there.