Trying to live on Social Security

This is a message I was hoping not to write to the company that monitors my IRA. But alas…
I was trying to live for a month on SS (social security) alone. I made it half way through the month: no frills, no fun money, just the rent, utilities, simple food, dog food (for my dog), medications ( two). The only real fun: Netflix, because I can’t read all the time! And one book (maybe I could read more slowly). And I just found out today that medicare, when I am soon eligible, is deducted from my SS check! And I am looking for work, and I just applied for part time work (there isn’t much part time work in my profession) and retirement can be boring. But a salary get deducted from my SS check! I could have fought, at divorce, to receive part of my husband’s money, but I didn’t, feeling it was dishonorable. But that’s what women generally do…I am told.

So I need 1k with tax deducted, from that, to supplement my SS check. I will try to stretch it for 2 months. We’ll see. I don’t want to take out more than I really need to, at one time. And I need to look for a specialized tax agent come the new year, so that I ensure all deductions that are due me are given consideration.

so that’s how it is to live on Social Security!

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