what do you do with a fractured leg?

earlier this year i fractured my right leg. and then due to imbalance, i fell and fractured my right shoulder. what wonderful luck! but:

when i saw the orthopedist who diagnosed my leg fracture, he said that my right leg was now 5.5 mm shorter than the left leg. i asked what could be done. the answer “nothing”. so i was to hobble around with this limp for the rest of my life. i guess so. adjust.

i spoke with the orthopedist, the nurse in his office, the sociall worker. no one had any advice or resources to recommend. why? are they irresponsible? is it the state of health care today? why are they working in this specialty. so, as usual, i had to be my own resourceful advocate. and if it weren’t for my status and experience as a health care professional, i would be lost, having expected comptetant “professionals” to help me through this.

what i found: Feet Relief. com. they provide “in soles” for your shoes that can provide a “lift” and support. that, for me, was a temporary correction. and now i have found a company that makes all kinds of orthotics. they say that they can make for me shoe inserts that accomodate my right leg shortening, and can be purchased for all kinds of shoes. (i find athletic shoes to be comfortable and provide the best support.) well i need different kinds of support. i don’t want to wear athletic shoes to that “little black dress” occasion. so this company will apparently also create orthotics to accomodate sandals and dress shoes.

so why am i complaining? the orthotic company cannot make an appliance without an rx from my primary care md or the orhtopedist. try getting a message to them, and request that they fax an rx to the orthotic company. round and round we go. till i suppose i get furious this week and walk sweetly into their offices and ask for the referral (just please make a copy of the damned initial referral) while i wait, thank you.

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